50 ACRES OF DIRT IN EASTERN NEVADA (Semi-Finalist, American Zoetrope screenwriting contest, rated a 9/10 on Blcklst):When a charming young alcoholic’s actions harm the one person he loves, his life spirals out of control and starts to resemble one of the sad country songs he loves so much. A tribute to Outlaw Country & Western music (Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson, David Allen Coe, etc.). 101 pages.

A HORRIBLE CASE OF BESTIALITY : In light of a series of sexual “indiscretions,” a 17th century Puritan colony confronts the potential unraveling of its tightly wound morality. Think “The Scarlet Letter” as an ironic comedy. 99 pages.

LOVE & BURGERS (in-progress): When the owner of a popular burger franchise finds God in a church that seems too good to be true (it has room for a burger in the trinity), his son must clean up his act and marry a respectable woman in order to remain the heir to the family fortune.

THE STUPID MURDERS (in-progress): When a Hollywood screenwriter with an alcohol problem wakes up out of a blackout in a Vermont forest, he must hunt down the only copy of an unauthorized film adaptation of a reclusive novelist’s beloved novel in order to clear his name of murder.

FIRST LIGHT : A middle-aged American widower finds unexpected comforts after traveling to Ukraine for a romance tour. 15 pages.

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