Sweetness #9 — New and Improved! Now with less paper!

Sweetness #9 - Paperback

Sweetness #9 – Paperback

Sweetness #9 comes out in paperback tomorrow (August 4), and it’s not only a whole lot lighter and easier to carry; it’s more informative, too, with an interview (conducted by Josh Bernstein, fiction editor at Tikkun, and first published by Fiction Writers Review) and questions for book groups to consider. (Psst, Book Groups! I’d be happy to Skype in if you’d like me to discuss Sweetness; just contact me on Twitter or Facebook or email or drop me a postcard or a letter — just don’t call, or leave a voice-mail, and certainly don’t knock on my front door, especially at dinner time, unless you’re going door-to-door to sell NO SOLICITING SIGNS — I need to buy one of those.)

Thanks to those readers who’ve already picked up the book in hardback; if you enjoyed it, I hope you’ll recommend it now that it’s seeing its second life. And to those people who’ve been thinking about The Nine, but just couldn’t commit, I know, I know, I’m kind of like that, too. I keep meaning to get The Handmaid’s Tale, and it’s been, what, decades now since it came out? So don’t go that route, please. Now’s the time to drop in to your local bookstore and make sure the paperback’s not hiding in a box in the back of the store. Or if you’re not into shopping and dining in a pedestrian setting, you could also visit your favorite online retailer. And hey, unlike last year at this time, they’re all selling Sweetness — and not waiting four to six weeks to ship it either. A new world! Right? There are even absurd bargains to be had, if only for the next few hours.

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