New Rumblings

The first post on any blog is either an expression of hope, as the author must imagine that someone will both find and want to read it, or an exercise in vanity. So, in case there’s someone out there who’s not checking a Google Alert, I’ll keep it short.

I haven’t blogged since closing down Everybody I Love You, the blog I maintained from 2005-2006 while serving as a Fulbright Fellow in Kharkov, Ukraine, one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, a city of 100,000 students, beautiful pre-war architecture, and endless parks. On that old blog of mine, you’ll find interviews with “bride hunters,” travel writing documenting trips to Norway, Sweden, the Baltic States, Russia and numerous places in Ukraine, as well as various posts relating to the experience of cross-cultural marriages (to say nothing of the bureaucracy).

Here, my focus will be more personal, in particular as it relates to my writing. If you’ve read one of my stories somewhere and want to find more, please hit the publications tab up above. It provides links to all of the magazines that’ve published my fiction and creative non-fiction, including several that lead to complete stories or excerpts.

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